Wk 1- Classmate Conversation- Aenah Ramones

Meet my newest gal-pal, Aenah Ramones! She’s 21 years old so she can party and drink alcohol whenever she wants living it up in her junior year here at CSULB. She’s also a CS (computer science) major. When she isn’t at school she loves to play piano, drums, or basketball, or all simultaneously because that’s how rockin’ she is. Unlike me, she loves sports, she is the athlete in our friendship. But like me, she loves music! We both like to jam and dance to EDM artists such as Chainsmokers, Porter Robinson, Zedd, Galantis, Dillon Francis, Yellow Claw, etc. She joined this class to be better at art, which I am hoping for too since the accident. That was a joke if you didn’t get it. Talking to her felt very natural as if I was talking to an old friend and my little introvert self didn’t feel nervous or had to think of words to say.

We continued talking after class ended and outside the building we continued talking. Our chat to the outside consisted of me telling her why I wanted to join this class and more about me. First impressions are truly something, she was so open to me and it helped me be open to her right back! We both talked about how this first week of school felt very long and how it’s always so packed especially the school’s parking lot. What we were both looking forward to this weekend is Chinese New Year, because that meant for us, red envelopes!

Also, the color red brings her emotion of either anger or love.

And here is a lovely picture of us just taken outside the classroom

Make sure to check out her WordPress too @ https://aenahramones.wordpress.com/


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