Wk1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

It was a sunny Friday morning and the weather was not too hot and not too cold, in fact, it was almost too perfect for a day at the beach to do some plastering.

I brought my dad along with me in case I needed some assistance, and the cool part was that the beach was practically empty after the week of rain we had just encountered. We walked to our spot where we were going to start digging our holes, not too far from the waves and not to close either.

Since I bought a whole box of the plaster for just little ol’ me I decided to do more than one mold and experiment with the different hand gestures. I dug my holes, placed my arm in and carefully took them out. After that, I had to stir the plaster and water mixture together. My dad was having fun with this, he wanted to stir and pour it in the holes so I let him. After we poured the mixture into the holes I waited a few minutes before covering them up with sand. I then built hills on top of them to remember where they were. The waiting was probably the hardest part. I just wanted to see how the molds would look like already. We passed time by cleaning up our bucket and throwing away our trash and other trash people left on the beach.

I dug out my molds and my arm fist one came out great. Maybe I should have bought a brush and not be cheapy, but lesson learned. It would have made cleaning off the sand way more easy. As I took out the other two, I may or may not have accidentally broke my middle finger off one of my hands. Maybe it’s a sign I should stop using it from God, who knows. Again, I really wished I had bought a brush because my hands just look really big because of the sand surrounding the mold.

All in all I would say it was a success. I’ve never doing anything like this before and it was such a fun experience. The next time I have a family event at the beach I would most definitely do this with all the kids because it’ll be such a fun activity to do with them. I will be more careful when digging my molds back up so I don’t accidentally break off any fingers of mine or others. I will also try doing my feet and making molds out of them. I was very surprise I didn’t mess up on any of the steps since I always tend to mess up the first time around. I didn’t know how I would expect my molds to come out in the end, but they came out better than my expectations.


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  1. Glenn Zucman says:

    great work Karen!! 😀


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