Wk2 – Classmate Conversation- Bailey McCann

You should also check out her blog at https://itsbaynotbae.wordpress.com

Bailey is a second-year marine biology major and the reason why she wanted to be a marine bio major was because of her love for the ocean. She also always loved science and biology, but it wasn’t until in high school she realized this is what she wanted to do with her life. She hopes to do research with her major, but because it might be difficult trying to do that, she hopes to go back and get a teaching degree! Along the subject of the ocean, she actually lives a block away from the beach which I thought was incredible! She can literally walk to the beach anytime she wants. She also used to surf but doesn’t anymore because she doesn’t have time, with school and everything, also her brother took her surfboard which makes her surfboard less. She asked me what I wanted to do with my major (business) and I told her that I hope to work a 9-5 job which she replied back is what her boyfriend and brother also want to do too. I also learned that Bailey has had about ten different pets, ranging from birds, turtles, chameleon, you name it. She currently doesn’t have any pets as of now because her apartment complex doesn’t allow pets, but she hopes to get a fish real soon! I told Bailey about how next month I’ll be going to an Ariana Grande concert and it turns out, she’s been to her concert before! At that moment my reaction was mind-blown, what a small world indeed. I told her how excited I was to hear her live and she ensured me that it’ll be great.


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