Wk 3- Classmate Conversation- Carry Nguyen

Make sure to also check out her blog @ https://bloggistsite.wordpress.com/

As I approached the SOA gallery, I saw this girl come approach me.

“hi are you here for art 110?”  “yeah”

This is Carry Nguyen, not with a K and not with ie at the end, it’s a y. We did the usual conversation starter. Carry is a health care admin major, and when I told her I was a business major we learned that our majors are very similar. We both talked about this art class and I learned that she too joined for a fun, creative class as a nice breath reliever from our other classes. I learned that she was a third year who transferred from a small college called IVC. I wouldn’t have known that if it wasn’t for this conversation.

She decided to transfer to Long Beach because it’s the only school close enough to where she lives that has her major. She also commutes too!

Carry is currently in a health care admin student forum where she does lots of volunteer work and has many meetings with guest speakers in the health care field. When I asked her difference between her old school and now Long Beach, she said she misses her old college, but there are different and more clubs, sports, and activities here. She also said there isn’t that much of a shift in class regarding difficulty.

We spent the remainder of the time looking through each exhibit, having multiple small talks and just hanging out casually. We both interviewed the small artist and had very similar information written so when we went back to the classroom to talk about our rough drafts we wrote very similar information.


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