Wk 5- Art Experience- Automatic Drawing 

Since my boyfriend is currently at UCLA studying for his midterms, and I am not over 21 to drink wine, I asked my roommate to do this with me! We did this in our room, we couldn’t find a cardboard box so we used my whiteboard which left about an inch of the edges out. I was reading the instructions on how to do this to my roommate and she jokingly said, “what is this, an ouija board?” which made me laugh, hence my featured image. At first, it really did feel like that, it also felt a little weird because I thought how would the pencil be able to just move by itself, but eventually it did. It was also extremely weird to be touching knees with someone since I am not a very “touchy” person, also the stillness and quietness of the atmosphere was tense. So as the pencil began to move, for some reason, it kept going in circles. Both my roommate and I decided to do it with our eyes closed but I could feel the pencil going in circles. Eventually, I had accidentally let go and that’s when we decided to stop. I just saw a bunch of nonsense from this drawing, but my roommate had seen a lamb and a caterpillar. I still couldn’t see it so I decided to flip the paper around.

I saw a turtle, a rose, and some type of angry bird the game bird. I decided to first draw the turtle and I began filling in what I had seen were the eyes, but after I didn’t look how it was starting to look all filled out so I just stuck with outlining. It wasn’t giving me the same image I was imagining in my mind. I next did the rose, the loops we were doing really helped form the rose. Afterward, I outlined my angry bird. I was looking at my paper and I was hating how plain it was looking so I decided to try some forest trees and palm trees. Mind you, my roommate and I had just come back from yoga and we did this so I was feeling really zen and really one with my body and surrounding.

I didn’t want to use oil crayon, one time I tried to dye my ends red with a red oil crayon because I had heard that works but it just left everywhere a mess. I had markers and I knew it would be fine, my lines will still come out.

All in all, I had lots of fun with this. It really made me realize many things. For example, I  never used to put the colors green and red near each other because it reminded me of Christmas when it wasn’t even December and I would also never put yellow and orange together because I used to never like them together. I’m learning how to play and mash and blend colors, and it’s pretty crazy. Maybe it’s my yoga high talking right now, but I really explored and expanded myself with this experience.


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