Wk 6- Art Experience- Zine & Flip Books

I made a zine book and decided to make it based on my past relationships. It was super fun creating this that I just want to create more. I guess I had also used it to let feelings and thoughts that were still swarming inside me, free. It felt really go to write down my thoughts on those two scenarios because I feel like I can now let go of those times. It also help me bring out feelings I didn’t even know I was feeling. Those were my thoughts after my breakups that I kept inside me and never expressed it freely till now. I am very inspired to create a part 2 of this because after I finished filling out all the pages I had more ideas in my head I wanted to release on paper. I also went with freehanded drawing and writing because I felt like I can really express myself and my individuality the most doing that. This zine book was inspired by two past relationship I had because at the time I thought I knew what love was and I thought that was what I felt which is probably why it took me so long to let go of my relationships. I’m really proud of the end results, I envisioned it in my mind but it turned out better than what I imagined. My next one I think I’ll try to find better paper material than the basic white printer paper and watercolor markers because I would love to experience with those and fill in my drawings with them.


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