Wk7- Classmate Conversation- Esmeralda Mendez

Hey! This is her website: https://esmemendez.wordpress.com

I met Esmeralda while looking through one of the art galleries. She’s a senior and this will be her final semester here! She will be graduating with her major as sociology and minor in child development. She then hopes to take a year off school and hopefully travel to Spain in the summer then come back to Long Beach for her masters in Business Administration. If Long Beach doesn’t accept her, she hopes to be able to go to Dominquez Hills or CSULA. She’s also 22 currently and is a commuter. She dorm her first year then got an apartment her second year but due to rent rising is now living back at home. She currently works part-time at an LA Fitness near her house and is a full-time student. She also hopes that after this semester she’ll be able to move out with her other friends who are graduating.

When I was telling her some stuff about me, we began having a conversation about the shows we both watch and are obsessed with, for example, Shameless and Greys Anatomy. We both watch these shows, she is currently caught up with Greys while I have stopped watching it because of lost of interest. I also told her a story about how I even met one of the actresses from the show while I was at Universal Studios. We then moved from this topic to the topic of marathons. When I had told her I try to gym at least three times a week, she had told me a story about when she decided to run the LA Marathon but then messed up her knee. She told me it was a lot of hard work because training was at least 6 months and she had trained through SRLA (Students Run LA). I then told her about a run I had done my senior year called the Terrian Run, and unlike her, I hadn’t trained for it and instead ate Mcdonald’s for breakfast the day of it.

We had even gone back up to the classroom and sat together. On the walk to the classroom, she was telling me about her busy school schedule and how she has an exam and a presentation in the same class that day that she was worried about. We had a lot in common, and it was super cool to have met and talked to her. Our conversations just flowed and it wasn’t hard to find something to talk about.


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