Wk8- Art Experience- Finger Painting


I didn’t know where I would finger paint in my small apartment, so I improvised and taped my paper to tissue papers which I taped to my closet. The reason for the tissue paper was in case I got paint on the border and instead of having to clean the mirror I would just tear down the tissue paper and throw it away. Easy clean-up! The experience was really good. I decided to take a break from studying for my midterm I had the next day and finger paint at 11 pm. It was actually hard to do because the tissue paper would start slowly peel off from the mirror and I would have to put more tape on it, but then afterward it didn’t become a problem.

I had an image in my head to do a Vincent Van Gogh type of night sky with swirls and yellow tone and all different shades of blue tone, and underneath I would do a window. But as I was trying to do the window, it wasn’t coming out how I envisioned so I began going a different route and just let the painting guide it. It was really calming and relaxing when I decided to just do whatever, it began looking like a rainbow and at the end when I felt satisfied with what I’ve done, I wasn’t sure what it all meant. Two of my roommates came in and to them, the red underneath represented hell and the yellow was a meadow, whereas the blue was the sky and the yellow tones in the sky were people going to heaven. I am no religious so I was like, “yeah okay but no.” One of my roommates told me how she liked how I didn’t have a fixed border, then I replied back to her saying it was because I was too lazy to put tissue papers behind them. She laughed and took it as a joke, but I was being pretty serious. I looked at the no border sides and actually really liked how it came out. This is probably different from other paintings because there’s probably have a message behind it whereas mine has no message.  In the video up above I told one of my roommate who was recording that it was called “Fingers do the Talking”, because I really was just letting my fingers do the talking.

This is probably different from other paintings because there’s probably have a message behind it whereas mine has no message. This was a really fun experience, I recommend whenever someone is feeling stress, to just do some finger painting.


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