Wk8- Classmate Conversation- Esmeralda Mendez and Tiffanie Ta

It’s Esmeralda again! We decided to do a triple classmate convo with Tiffanie Ta.

From left to right: Esmeralda, me, Tiffanie

here are their links: https://esmemendez.wordpress.com & https://tiffanieteaart110.wordpress.com/

Tiffanie Ta is a third year from Orange County who moved and now lives in Alhambra. She has been dorming since her freshmen year but doesn’t like it and is looking to rent an apartment next school year. At first, she was a micro-bio major but later on changed her major to health care administration. She wants to work in a hospital environment. Her mom had graduated with a micro-bio degree from Cal State Long Beach, and Tiffanie wanted to do the same but realized micro-bio wasn’t for her. She later on changed to health care administration as her major because with that degree she’ll still be able to work in a hospital environment. Tiffanie really likes trying new food, she eats out a lot but tries to eat healthy still. She likes to go raving, likes EDM music and the EDM culture.

It was cool talking to Esmeralda again, and even cooler to meet a new person like Tiffanie!


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