Wk9- Art Experience- Graffiti Writing 

Honestly, doing graffiti was really fun and I wish it wasn’t illegal so I could do it whenever and where ever I want.

I decided to take a trip down to Venice’s public art walls. I was driving down there on a Friday when in the car I decided to check Slack art 110 conversations and saw Glenn’s message about how you could actually only paint there on Saturdays and Sundays. I was already almost there so I decided to just take a risk and do it. I decided to spray on my last name, I thought it would also look really cool with a palm tree and what a great way it’ll be to start off spring break. I was trying to do it as quickly but as nicely as I can because I knew I wasn’t able to do it. As I was spraying the wall, this lady walked up behind me and watched as I was working. I got very nervous because she seemed like she wanted to confront me or something so I decided to leave and walked towards the Small World Books store and check out their items. The bookstore was way different than what I expected, it also had some new books and a restaurant out front! I only stayed long enough to look through the books and didn’t stay to here. I then walked back to the art walls and finished what I started.

Looking back at my pictures with my name graffiti, there are so many other things I would have done to make it even better. I could have outlined my name even more with my brown spray paint can to really make it stand out. This was my favorite experience so far and I used to hate seeing people’s random graffiti name tags in the most absurd places, but it’s so exhilarating. I wish more people would experience this so they wouldn’t judge a book by its cover like I used to. I wish there were more places where people can do graffiti. It’s amazing how easy and how incredible the outcome a spray can, can do.


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