Wk10- Art Experience- Architecture: The Wedge

The left side is how the Wedge is now, and the right side is my redesign of it. 

I saw across from the Wedge near USU and the bus stop next to Brotman Hall. I was watching how people were traveling through that Wedge and it astonished me how people would wait in line to get through when there was the whole other side of it that was completely empty. I am rarely ever on that side of campus due to most of my classes being on upper campus so I never journey down there. You could tell the space was too small, only one person would be able to fit through it. So if two people in opposite directions were coming towards the Wedge, one person would have to wait for the other person to walk through before they would be able to get through. What a hassle and time killer if you’re trying to rush to class. So my thought process was to redesign it so both sides would be able to get through without any waiting. I noticed there was a bench right next to the Wedge, in my design I move that wedge to the other side of it that way those walking from Brotman and the bridge would have to use the road less traveled side of the Wedge because they wouldn’t be able to enter from there anymore. Those walking from USU can still walk freely from that side without constantly wondering if they would have to wait for that space to clear up or not. It’ll create less traffic and more of an organized structure. A year from now, I think students will talk about this system to their friends and those new to campus and explain to them the process of how to walk through that Wedge. 


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