Wk11- Classmate Conversation- Carry Nguyen & Emelina Virga

https://bloggistsite.wordpress.com/ – Carry Nguyen’s blog

https://emelinav.wordpress.com/ –  Emelina Virga’s blog

I have met Carry before at the beginning of this semester and I’ve already made a blog about her which you can read if you want to know more about. We still talk every time we’re in a class. To recap, Carry is a junior studying in the major of health care administration. She lives in Orange County. She is a transfer student, and she also likes to volunteer a lot. Now some new information about Carry, during spring break she used that time to study a lot for her midterms that she would have to take once we come back to class, and also made time to go to San Diego and went sight seeing there and also to the beach. A new fact about her that I learned was that she’s catholic!

Emelina is also catholic and went to an all girls catholic high school, it was a tiny high school where she only had 150 girls in her grade. She lives in Redondo Beach. I was intrigued by her name and when I asked about the story of her name, she told me her mother wanted to name her Emily but with her dad’s Italian accent it sounded really weird and her family friend really likes apple and in Italian, it’s called mela, so then came Emelina. She will be graduating this semester and is a double major in international studies and Italian studies. During her spring break, she went to San Fransico to visit her aunt before she moved to Utah, and also studied and wrote her thesis for her international studies capstone.

The conversations flowed and it was very easy to talk to these girls. We talked and topics such as studying abroad began taking over. Emelina had studied abroad in Italy her junior year and Carry and I are hoping we could study abroad too.


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