Wk 13- Artist Conversations- Laura Lopez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Laura Lopez
Exhibition: Selvática (wild)
Media: painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: n/a
Instagram: in the makings

Laura Lopez is originally from Columbia but has been here in Long Beach for the past three years getting her MFA from the School of Art in Painting. She had gotten her BFA in architecture and her paintings are inspired by the Amazon jungle. She hopes that after she gets her masters she’ll be able to make projects with people she likes or like at artist residencies and maybe become a teacher. She is unsure exactly what she wants to do yet and is still looking. She had gotten her other degree in Columbia and although she can’t compare her two experiences because they are very different, she believes education should not be obedient-oriented.

Laura’s paintings are memory-based, and mainly landscapes. She hopes in the future though, she’ll be able to work in the environment and physically be there as she creates her paintings. She hopes to be there with nature and work with the landscape because it’ll feel more reap and powerful to her. Depending on other aspects of her life, and if she doesn’t fell pressure in other areas of her life, Laura usually takes 2-3 weeks to finish one painting. The process takes much longer though, having to think about what part of the jungle she would like to draw and how the patterns should turn out. Her paintings are very colorful, certain colors give off an energetic, happy vibe and so she may use these bright colors when she’s feeling like she wants to be in a certain mood but it all depends on what she wants that day. She’ll like one color one day and the next day her new favorite could be a different color, but she does lean towards bright colors.

Laura spent 2-3 weeks in the amazon jungle. The amazon jungle was a big significance towards her inspiration in her paintings. She enjoyed her time in the jungle, she thought it was really nice to be in nature and enjoyed just being in there with the sun and feel peaceful with all the color schemes there. She also thought it was nice to be disconnected from stress. It wasn’t hard for her to disconnect from technology and it was actually simple for her to do so because at the time she was studying architecture and was already used to doing that. She had food and shelter so that was basically all she needed. She hopes for one day to go back to the jungle where everything is really beautiful and pure. She has been hiking here around Long Beach but says it is nothing like the Amazon jungle.

As soon as I walked in I instantly saw all these very different bright colors and patterns. I loved it all. I love bright colors and patterns, this was the perfect gallery for me. I hope one day she creates a website and sells her pieces because they are incredibly one of a kind. There’s so many little details in her paintings that it amazes me it only takes her 2-3 weeks to finish one. The size of these paintings are enormous and they are truly incredible.



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