Wk 13- Classmate Conversation- Kathy Trinh 

I met Kathy this week for classmate conversations! Here’s her blog: https://ktrinhblog.wordpress.com/

Kathy is currently studying fiance as a second year but is unsure if she wants to stick with it. She does know though that she wants to continue being in the business program here in Long Beach. Kathy commutes to Long Beach from Anaheim and usually there’s always traffic on the freeway at 7am so she would skip her 8am class all the time. On a nice day where there’s no traffic it would usually take her 25 minutes which isn’t bad at all! Kathy likes dogs and even has two of them. One of the dogs actually had babies. I think Kathy and I had in common was that we both enjoy watching the Netflix show Black Mirror. Kathy is into suspenseful mysterious things which is exactly was Black Mirror is. She also likes watching Friends and How I Met Your Mother and listening to pop and edm music.




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