Wk14- Art Experiences- Sketching in the Garden


This was an interesting experience. I’ve been to the garden before but this time I actually walked around the whole thing, and I probably wouldn’t have done that if it weren’t for the fact I was trying to see what I wanted to sketch. I decided to sketch the waterfall and the little patio and the trees. I love Japanese gardens and this one was no different. I even fed the koi fishes before I started to sketch and it really pumped me up. Being in the garden gave me a sense of peacefulness and it was good because it helped me destress from all of my final papers and projects for just a little moment. I’m not an artist whatsoever and it was hard not to erase but I tried my best and I do like the outcome of my sketches. My mind was distracted, but in a good way, it was distracted by getting the little details of how the leaves hung on the tree and how the water flowed down a certain way until the pond was still like there was no waterfall at all. I even paid attention to the sounds surrounding me, the ducks quacking, little kids running around being care-free, and birds chirping. It was a pleasant experience, and I know I will be coming back to the garden in the near future and just take everything in.

Thanks Glenn for this experience.


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