Wk14- Jane’s Walk

I am a horrible human being, I can’t believe it.

I did this to myself and missed out on a great experience.

I can’t believe I overslept and missed Jane’s Walk.

So to make up for it, I still went out there and decided to do my own Jane’s Walk. I live in Rosemead so it was not a hard drive for me,  but because I woke up late, dim sum was over and so my friends and I decided to go to Shin-Sen-Gumi-Ramen. Of course knowing my luck, we had to wait forever since it’s such a popular place and by the time we got seated and our food was brought I just dug in without taking any pictures.

SO, to make up for oversleeping and not taking a picture of the ramen, here’s a little dim sum pun.

This isn’t my picture obviously, but it is very funny.

Afterward, we took a little stop at Oh My Pan, a wonderful bakery that’s on the verge of Rosemead meets San Gabriel.

The Volcano Strawberry toast! This is one of their popular dine-in.

After that, we headed towards the Tea Station on Valley Blvd. I actually think the drinks at Tea Station are mediocre for the price and size of their cups and the tea is whatever, but I also didn’t like Boba Ave so here we went. Well, I did end up very much liking this hot Taro drink, like a lot.  BTW, this drink was perfect for the cold rainy weather we had and also from the cold walk we endured.That was pretty much our journey, it may not seem like a lot but the weather was so on and off. One minute it was a nice cold walk, but then it would start to sprinkle and then we had to speed up our pace so we wouldn’t be walking in the pouring rain. Mind you, we were dumb enough not to bring umbrellas.


I’ve been in Long Beach for the past 9-ish months now because of school, when I came home recently, I noticed how much more Asian restaurants and Asian shops we now have. So much has changed in my small town in such a short period of time. I’m blessed to live in this town, a place where I have so many options for restaurants and shops that if I walk down one street I can enter 20 shops or restaurants. There’s construction around here too, to create more Asian shops and restaurants, and even homes for more people to move in. That’s another thing I’m noticing, more Asians are moving into Rosemead/San Gabriel/Arcadia.

Jane Jacobs was an incredible woman, I”m glad her legacy and her influence still remain alive. Through all odds, it’s like she had broken stereotypes of her unable to move a person’s view. She had a goal and she was determined. Just like Jane’s vision, my town most definitely changed. Just this year, they finally finished building a skate park at our local park, and in the previous years had added a track and exercise equipment and even some flat cement for our elders who like to do their daily walks or tai-chi in the morning. The skate park was for the skaters who always used to loiter around the high school or library after closing.

I lived in this town almost my whole life, and I could tell you what restaurant or shop is on the corner of Valley and Del Mar, or on Valley and Walnut Grove, but as I’m growing and changing, so is this city. It is much different than how it was 10 years ago, 10 years ago the buildings didn’t look as modern and many of the places were locally owned by people who reside in Rosemead. Now, it’s different. Another thing that’s different is more American restaurants are no longer here (thank goodness for Petrillo’s and Di Pillas though) and more Asian restaurants are. Truly astounding.


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  1. Glenn Zucman says:

    I’ve never been to Oh My Pan! haha, I guess I only go to places on the South Side of Valley Blvd! 😛

    Must try the Volcano Strawberry Toast sometime.

    How late did you go? It was actually clear, crisp & beautiful the whole time we were out. Although it did start to sprinkle maybe an hour after.

    I’m not that big a fan of Tea Station or Boba Ave either… but what about Bake Code? My fav!

    I’ll add some points to your Wk 14 Activity.

    Sorry we missed you, but glad you got to learn a little bit about Jane Jacobs ideas on Urban Planning.


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