Wk15- Evaluating the Class EC


Three favorite activities: (not in any order)

  1. Finger Painting: I really liked how you placed Finger Painting in the middle of the semester when a majority of my classes were having midterms. It was a really great stress reliever when I needed to take a break from all my studying.
  2. Zinc/Flip Books: Okay, I really had a lot of fun with this one and I’m not entirely sure why. For my zinc, I made it about my past relationships and while making it, helped me express feelings I didn’t even know I had about my past relationships. It was a good project because it helped me get things off my chest and I felt… revived?
  3. Landscape with a Corpse: This one was really fun because I got to get creative. Was it morbid, sure I guess, but death is inevitable unless you’re a cockroach. I had fun creating a story on how I would die and taking pictures of it.

Three least favorite activities: (not in any order)

  1. Architecture: The Wedge- I just didn’t find this one as fun as the other experiences. It was like an unnecessary art experience like you ran out of ideas. It just wasn’t fun, and it felt like a hassle.
  2. Ethnography: I know you were trying to teach us a lesson, but Glenn this is the 21st century, and it’s hard to go without technology for a whole night. What was worse was that you did it after spring break and we all had midterms to study for still and so it was not the perfect timing.
  3. Automatic Drawing: It’s not like I dislke this activity, but I just found the other experiences better.

I like Slack and WordPress, you should keep it. Slack is better than Beachbored, you can make different groups and it’s really cool, kind of reminds me of AIM.

This class was amazing. I reccomend it to my friends all the time, it’s differnt from my other classes and that’s what I like about it.



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