Wk15- Classmate Conversation- Misty Ruiz & Carry Nguyen


From left to right: Me, Carry, and Misty

Misty’s blog: https://ruizmisty.wordpress.com

Carry’s blog: https://bloggistsite.wordpress.com/blog/page/2/

Misty is a Kine major in her third year, Carry is a third-year Health Care Administration major. We talked about our plans for the summer. Misty is going to summer school and she plans on taking Anatomy and she is also hoping to get an A. We also talked about how difficult it is to get classes at community colleges because a lot of other people from other colleges are also trying to take summer classes at them too. Carry is trying to get an internship. Right now, Carry is studying for this class that is taking up most of her time despite it being just a one unit class. Misty had already taken that class and gave Carry advice on what to study for on the final.


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